We came to Jen in a desperate state. Max had many issues including anxiety, anger, and an expressive language disorder. Jen was able to work with him through art and play to help him express himself and find real world strategies along the way. After a year of therapy, the before and after can't be overstated! Max is happy, able to talk about his feelings, and his violent episodes have disappeared. We credit Jen's therapy for helping guide our family through a really tough time. She is warm, caring, fun, and able to reach even the toughest kiddos through art and play.

Mom of Max, age 9

Navigating the field of mental health care from diagnosis to treatment can be an exhausting and frustrating process, especially when multiple health care professionals are involved. It can have a tremendous impact on the entire family. Finding professionals who are both knowledgeable and compassionate is important. Jen has been a valuable part of our family’s journey for many years. The safe and creative environment she has made makes going to therapy something to look forward to each week. Using art as a catalyst for conversation allows my son to open up in ways traditional talk therapy could not. She allows us, as parents, to express our concerns and is responsive to both the short-term and long-term needs of our children. We appreciate her commitment to our family.

Mom to three

Jen is very dedicated and goes above and beyond to be there for our son.   She's been working with our family for years now and our son opens up to her in a way he just doesn't with anyone else. We cannot recommend Jen highly enough, she's an amazing therapist and amazing human being.

Parents of Zachary, age 17

Jen has provided counseling services to my client for a little over two years. She truly provides a therapeutic environment, making clients feel at ease. Art therapy is key for establishing rapport with individuals who may not be comfortable with traditional therapies. Jen is insightful and enthusiastic. I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone seeking assistance with their young people.

Wendi Burgess; TDL Group, INC.

Ms Wildhaber is an excellent choice as a therapist for any child in need of a safe and supportive professional to help them on their emotional life journey. It’s a scary thing to trust your precious baby with a stranger, so let me just say this:

I trusted her not just with my oldest child, but when my youngest also ended up needing some help, there was zero question or hesitation- we knew exactly the ONLY person we felt we could trust with the task and called Ms Wildhaber right up. Thank goodness she was still practicing and able to fit us in! She’s been a godsend to our family not once, but twice.

Rebecca Anderson, parent
Children have been 8-15 years old